The Governing Body of Valence Primary School and Financial Information

There are nine Governors and two Associate Governors at Valence including Mr November, the Head Teacher.

Position Name Term of Office Appointed by
Chair Ms Avril McIntyre Aug 18 – Aug 22 Mr November
Vice-Chair Miss Sarah Hutton Sept 19 – Sept 23 Mrs Chaplin
Staff Governor Mrs Amanda Fogarty Sept 19 – Sept 23 Staff
Head Teacher Mr Richard November Ongoing  
L/A Governor Mr Abdus Salam Oct 17 – Oct 21 LBBD
Co-opted Governor Mr Alok Agrawal Sept 10 – Sept 23 Mrs Chaplin
Co-opted Governor Mrs Cameleta Ffrench-Young Oct 17 – 10/21 Mr November
Parent Governor Mrs F Hamed Sept 19 – Sept 23 St. George's Parents
Parent Governor Mr Steven Adams Appointed May 2021 Ms McIntyre
Associate Governor Mrs Ann Parr Oct 17 – Oct 21 Mrs Chaplin

We also have an Observer at our meetings who is also the School Business Officer bringing her financial knowledge to our discussions.

Now that you have been introduced to each of us, I would like to let you know how we work together as part of the Leadership team to improve provision for the children in our community.

Being a Governor involves working strategically: this means to discuss and set policies that affect all areas of school life including Child Protection, Budget setting and monitoring and the Quality of Teaching. Many of these policies are statutory meaning the school is required to set and implement them by law.

Governors have a responsibility to hold school staff accountable for the educational provision and attainment of the children at the school.

We also recruit and support the Headteacher in their role as Senior Leader.

In order to carry out our responsibilities we meet regularly throughout the year, usually at least once a term but the Chair meets more regularly with the Head Teacher to keep abreast of current issues within the school.

We also have defined roles such as oversight of Special needs provision. This involves ensuring that all our policies and practices are up to date and that provision for children with additional needs such as autism, ADHD or Learning Delay is of the highest quality.

Each Governor has their own responsibilities that ensure they liaise with school staff and report back to the whole Governing Body. In this way, strengths and weaknesses can be identified and the best way to overcome shortcomings can be discussed and then implemented by school staff.

Whilst Governors have involvement in all aspects of strategic leadership we are also invited to celebrate the children's achievements. We often visit special assemblies and productions to congratulate children, staff and parents on the high standards achieved by the children.

Chair of Governors

Ms A McIntyre

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Vice-Chair of Governors

Miss S Hutton (Effectiveness of Early Year and Quality of Teaching and Learning)

I taught for 10 years in Barking and Dagenham. I am currently teaching and leading the early years’ department at a school in a neighbouring borough. I have had responsibility for a number of subject areas including art, computing and PE. This experience enables me to contribute effectively to the curriculum and standards committee.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading as well as exploring London’s art museums.

Staff Governor

Mrs A Fogarty

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Head Teacher

Mr R November 

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Local Authority Governor

Mr ASalaam (Health and Safety) 

My name is Abdus Salam living in Barking for the last 16 years. I did my M.SC. in Chemical Technology from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. I worked in Research & Development in ICI Paints Slough for 10 years and 20 years in ICI Paints Pakistan as Development & Process Control Manager before my retirement. I am a former member of the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (2010-2014) and tried to maintain a high standard of conduct expected of me. Apart from being Governor of Valence Primary School, I am also an executive member of Barking Muslim Social and Cultural Society and Forum for the Elderly. I try to follow the principles of honesty, openness, fairness. I aim to contribute effectively to make Valence Primary School achieve the best possible results in all the fields.

Co-opted Governors

Mr A. Agrawal (Link Governor and Training)

My name is Alok Agrawal. I have served as a School Governor at Valence since 2002, both as a Local Education Authority appointed Governor and a Community Governor. I have been involved in local education as a school governor or a member of the PTA since the early ’80s.

Since 2002, I have served on several schools governing bodies in London. I have served variously as Chair and Vice-chair of Governing Body, as well as Chair of the finance committee and link Governor over the last 13 years. I have chaired the Head Teacher Performance Management Committee for several Head Teachers in several schools.

I was a member of the Head and Chair steering Group for Developing the Strategic Role of Governing Bodies in Barking and Dagenham from 2005 to 2007. I was a local Councillor in London Borough Barking and Dagenham from 2005 to 2010.

At present, I am a Governor in two Schools, one in Enfield and one in Dagenham.

I have been running my own business since 1983 and I am currently the Chair of an IT Consultancy. Our sons were educated at Valence School.

In the last 36 years, I have held the posts of Chair, Secretary, Board member and Trustee for a number of organisations. At present, I am a trustee of a number of organisations including Enfield Voluntary Action, North London Asian Care and Transport for All.  

Children are the future of our society. As a school governor, it is our duty to help the Head Teacher, without interfering in the running of the school, to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for their well-rounded development.

Mrs C. Ffrench-Young (Safeguarding and SEND) 

I have worked in education for over twenty years. I have a BA in Linguistics, Post Graduate studies in Effective learning, NASENCO award and have had various training in Safeguarding and Child Protection. Having worked in Barking and Dagenham for over fifteen years, I feel that I am very much a part of the community. Currently, I am employed as an inclusion Manager and Safeguarding lead in a Primary school. I am very passionate about learning and I am driven by the need to promote an inclusive and safe atmosphere where all individuals are happy and can enjoy whilst achieving. 

Parent Governors

Mrs F Hamed (Cultural)

I have been a resident of Dagenham for nearly 10 years. I’m a mother of three kids and my elder son completed his primary education from Valence school and my younger son is attending Valence St. Georges site.

I have completed my bachelor and master degree in architecture and worked for two years in between my study. It is my duty and responsibility as a parent to give my kids a full-time commitment. Therefore, I have decided to be a full-time mum and concentrate on my kids’ upbringing and education and hope to resume my career once they are fully independent.

I have been elected a parent governor in 2015. As a parent, it is my pleasure to serve the school that has done a lot for my kids and delivered high-quality learning to them.

I have no previous experience as a governor nor have I worked within the education sector, which is why if I am privileged enough to become elected as a parent governor. But as my parental experience, I believe that I can cast an independent eye over the school current work and bring a fresh perspective to the work of the existing governors. I’m hoping to contribute more to the school once I complete my governor-training course.

I believe that parent governors have an exceptional role, and should always try to measure issues and decisions from the point of view of parents and families. This is not the same as representing individual parent’s points of view but it is about making sure that parent perspectives are always considered.

Mr S Adams

Details to follow.

Associate Governors

Mrs A Parr

I started my employment at Valence in September 2003 and was a staff governor for 6 years before becoming an associate member. I have watched the school grow during its expansion and my particular interest is the development of entrepreneurial activity in education. My professional background includes working in the HR section for Redbridge Council and then as the Business Manager at Valence Primary School. I am responsible for Finance, HR, Site Health and Safety, IT and Catering.

I live in a neighbouring borough and regularly enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoy travelling.


Ms J Barrett

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