Remote Learning Hub

To support children’s learning during this time, we have prepared Google Classroom as a way of providing activities and lessons directly to children, and ClassDojo to allow parents/carers to communicate directly with teachers.

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Google Classroom

To access Google Classroom:

  1. Go to (we recommend doing this on a laptop, but this can also be accessed by downloading the following apps on a tablet or phone if needed: Google Docs & Google Classroom). You may need to sign out of your personal Google accounts before signing into Google Classroom.

  2. Login using the email address and password given to your child
    (example: Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Password: 1234)

  3. Select your child’s class and select ‘classwork’ at the top. This is where your child’s teacher will post activities and lessons.

  4. Please submit your child’s work using the ‘turn in’ button within the assignment.

We do recognise that this may not be fully accessible to all families and that there may be technical difficulties accessing and completing the work online. To address this, we have provided children with exercise books that the work can be completed in (simply use the ‘private comment’ section to let your child’s teacher know they have completed the work in their exercise book). Additionally, you may upload a photo of your child’s work using the ‘turn in’ function.

Google Classroom link:

Google Classroom Help & Support:

Google Meet Help & Support:

Google Classroom Signing in Troubleshooting

  • Keep an eye on what you are typing in, we use two layers of authentication which will mean typing the email address twice before entering your password on some devices.

  • If Google Classroom asks you for a Code to join a class you are more than likely not signed in on the pupil's account, ensure you sign out of any personal accounts and sign in as the pupil.

  • If you have trouble signing in on a PC/Laptop/Mac we recommend using a Private Window to sign in, this will allow all other Google accounts on the device and let you sign in with ease. There are links below on how to do this depending on which browser you are using.

  • We have had some issues with Samsung mobiles & tablets, if you experience issues on a Samsung device we recommend installing a new browser specifically to use for Google Classroom. You can use Edge or Chrome, just choose the one you do not already use and avoid signing in on a personal Google account.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a behaviour rewarding app/website that many teachers at Valence have been using to reward children’s hard work in class. Class Dojo also allows parents and teachers to communicate directly.

In order to communicate with your child’s teacher during the shutdown, we are asking parents/carers to create accounts on ClassDojo and connect with their child’s class account.

  1. Go to (or download the Class Dojo app)

  2. Select ‘sign up’ and then select ‘parent’

  3. Enter the code provided (codes have been sent via ParentMail or a letter home)

Class Dojo is the main method of communication with your child’s teacher whilst face to face contact is limited, please do not contact the school offices for questions regarding homework and lesson work. Please only contact your child’s teacher with questions relating to their work.

Any and all other updates will be communicated via Parentmail as normal.

ClassDojo codes have now been sent out to all pupils via ParentMail.

Class Dojo link:

Nursery & Recpetion

Nursery and Reception pupils are currently in school, work will be posted here for isolating classes.


Websites we use at Valence

Don't forget that our pupils have access to the following websites where they can access some fantastic learning resources.

For those who currently do not have their log in details, we are aiming to get them to you as soon as possible.

ActiveLearn: (request login details via class Dojo)

Time Table Rockstars: (request login details via class Dojo)

Oddizzi: (request login details via class Dojo)

Monster SATs: (request login details via class Dojo)

Numbots: (can be accessed with TT Rockstars log in details)

Free websites for all to use

The following websites are great resources for learning at home from, there should be something for everyone here from Music to Maths.

Oxford Owl: 

Phonics Play: (User: march20 PW: home)

Collins: (Free resources to help support your child's learning at home, while schools are closed)

Speech & Language:

BBC Bitesize:

BBC Teach:

Carol Vorderman's The Maths Factor: (currently free during school closure)

Explorify: (parents sign up for a free account & select Home Educator)

Amazon Audio Books: (free to use whilst schools are closed)

White Rose 

Out of the Ark Music:

Widgit: (Widgit are offering a free 30 day trial using code: WIDGIT30)
Widgit Symbols are used worldwide to support people and help them realise their full potential, no matter what their age, ability or background.


There are some excellent apps we use at school that you can download for free to use on your mobile devices.

  • Bee Bot
  • Chatter Pix for Kids
  • Hopscotch
  • Puppet Pals
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Y2 Maths


Here you will find any PDF's to download. These may be related to support or learning during our closure period.

Active Learning Maths


To access your work documents just sign in to your One Drive.

Office 365:

One Drive Help & Support:


Whilst the school is closed lookout for updates and news via ParentMail. You may receive emails or SMS messages, if you are already connected to your ParentMail account we recommend downloading the free ParentMail app for your mobile device.


You can also follow our news updates on social media. Twitter and Facebook would be the best choice to keep up with our news and updates as they provide text-only updates that are not currently possible with Instagram. Please remember that we only post updates and news via social media, we do not answer enquires via social media.