ARP (Additionally Resourced Provision)

We have an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) for children with autism. Like the NARP, this is funded by the Local Authority and they allocate places. Children enjoy a safe, dedicated space specially designed for their needs but placed firmly within our mainstream school.

Who decides which children attend the ARP?

The ARP is a specialist setting with additional resources which is funded by the Local Authority for children from Reception to Year 6. Valence Primary School is directed on which children attend the ARP; this is decided by the Local Authority.
Children who have an Education Health Care Plan whose primary need is Autism are referred to the Local Authority via parental preference or by the Local Authority.

What is the ARP?

This is a specialist provision where children from Reception to Year 6 whose primary need is Autism attend full time. It is a provision which can support children in making progress in several ways using the child’s Education Health Care plan outcomes to plan their curriculum and measure progress, support families with supporting their child at home.

Who will be teaching your child?

ARP staff include:

  • A Specialist Teacher
  • Special Support Assistants

What will my child be taught?

Your child’s different areas of need will determine how their teaching is structured and how staff will personalise their curriculum. We will use observation, your comments and other professional reports to support us in knowing what your child’s next step needs to be. Depending on your child’s developmental level we may follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum with adaptations to suit the needs of your child and may use the Developmental Curriculum to support planning for and assessing your child’s next steps. We use play-based learning to support children to learn. We may use the Autism Education Trust Progression Framework to support us in planning and delivering a personalised curriculum for your child.

How will my child be taught?

Your child’s area of need/s will determine the best way for us to support your child in making progress. We use a range of teaching strategies including structured teaching, workstations, worktable, communication tables, small group focused activities, one to one speech and language sessions, and larger group focused activities.

Will my child visit the mainstream school?

Your child will be allocated a class within the mainstream school according to their year group. ARP staff will observe your child within the ARP and mainstream setting and will determine when the best time for your child to access mainstream will be.

The aim of your child accessing mainstream is for them to build on areas of strengths within their learning, speech and language skills and social skills. We do this on a case-by-case basis and will talk with parents about how their child is accessing mainstream. For some children, a mainstream classroom is a wonderful place, where they can access a range of different resources, spend time with their peers and be with a larger group. For other children, a mainstream classroom is a distressing place where they feel apprehension and stress. We will manage this time in consultation with you to ensure that your child is enjoying all their time within the ARP and Mainstream classroom and accessing learning which is of benefit.