Fundraising at Valence

Valence Primary School prides itself not only on academic success, but also on creating a school ethos with relationships and community at its heart. As part of this, we actively encourage our school community to get involved in fundraising activities for both local and international charities. Our children and staff lead the way in enthusing and encouraging others, creating a buzz and excitement that lasts throughout a range of events.

Positive role models have been one of the benefits to emerge from our fundraising efforts. Fundraising has helped children to develop in new and exciting ways. In terms of classroom learning fundraising is about raising awareness and understanding, as well as money. Children gain a better understanding of national and global organisations and their efforts to make the world a better place for all.

Our parents, carers, children, staff and wider community are particularly positive about this aspect of global citizenship and actively encourage everyone’s involvement.

Charities Supported by Valence are;

  • Comic Relief
  • Sport Relief
  • Jeans for Jeans
  • Macmillan
  • Sport Relief
  • The British Legion

Children's Choice: Decided by Valence Children via the School Council 

Christmas Choice: Decided by the Staff