Science Challenge

Science Challenge

Get involved in our July Science Challenge - Shadows: Make a shadow monster!​


  • Straw​

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Card​


  1. Fold the piece of card in half.​

  2. Cut out your design on the folded part of the card, add some eyes and a mouth.​

  3. Open up the folded card and draw the rest of the monster to cut out.​

  4. Tape the straw to the body for a handle (see above picture).

  5. Hold the puppet in front of a light source (torch, sun).​​

Try holding the shadow monster in different directions. See what happens to the shadow.​

​Please send a photo on Class Dojo to your teacher or bring in your shadow monster. All entries will receive a sticker.​

The Science

Shadows are formed when an object blocks the source of light. When you hold the puppet in front of the torch or sun it stops some of the light from reaching the ground and casts a dark shadow on the wall. Moving the puppet closer to the light makes the shadow bigger because the puppet is blocking more of the light. ​

Science of the Month - Shadows

Choose one of the following topics to investigate:

  1. What happens when you move the puppet away from the light, tilt or twist it?​

  2. Place a piece of paper and an object on top. Draw around the shadow and leave it for a few hours. Come back and see what has happened to the shadow. 

  3. Research this question. Do larger objects have bigger shadows?


You can also download our Science Challenge as a PDF.