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Child Safeguarding

Keep safe and up to date with our E-Safety and Child Safeguarding  literature below.

Be Bright Be Seen

Our Be Bright Be Seen guides can be really helpful for children to help makes sure they stay visible in the dark. View the PowerPoint or PDF below for some common sense tips on how to stay Bright and Be Seen.

Be Bright Be Seen (PPSM) Be Bright Be Seen (PDF)


As a child of a technological age, you have grown up around technology in school and also possibly at home. You have never known a time without a computer, laptop or the Internet - and might even be better than your parents!

Although you might be able to use technolgoy and the Internet easily, you still face the same dangers as anyone else that uses the Internet, just like your parents. You could still see inappropriate websites and images; be the victim of cyber bullying, or receive spam emails so it is really important that we know how to use technology and the Internet safely.


However, don't be scared about using the internet because it is a FANTASTIC resource and you can find out nearly anything that you want to know!

If you would like to find out more information, you can speak to your parents, teachers or an adult that you trust. Also, you can visit the links below, which have lots of fun games and activites for you to play!

Our E-safety workshop for year 1 and 2  on the 3rd March 2016 run by the digital leaders:

ework1    ework2   ework3    ework4

e-Safety Links

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