Science Challenge

March Science Challenge

Get involved in our March Science Challenge to design an A4 poster.

Valence Science Week Begins on 11th March. This Year Our Theme is “How Can We Be Eco Friendly?". The March science challenge is to design an A4  poster to raise awareness of Eco Issues e.g. reducing plastic waste, saving our seas, cutting our Carbon Footprints... Etc.

Last entries  to the Science Team on 29th March.

January Science Challenge Winners

Well done to all the entrants of our February Science Challenge.

St. George's winners 

KS1 1st: Rainbow creature by Yusuf in Crystal 

KS1 2nd: Feet of ginger cat by Laetitia in Crystal 

KS1 3rd: Snakegiraffe by Omar in Crystal

KS2 1st: Bizarre Cow by Haris  in Amethst

KS2 2nd: The Turtle by Mattel in Amber

KS2 3rd: Pigeoncatfishsnailzebrahorsething by Franklin in Amber & Head of You can etc by Tyler in Amber

Bonham winners

KS1 1st: Scarlett Walker in Owls class

KS2 1st: Omodesire Oduneye in Amethyst class

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