Risk Assessment (November) & Home School Agreement

Our updated Risk Assessment (see Downloads at the bottom of the page) which is wide-ranging and encompasses the school's cautious approach to re-opening.

It is a long document covering many areas. The key points are as follows......

We will always:

  1. insist pupils with Covid-19 symptoms, or with family members with symptoms, keep away from school;
  2. maintain frequent hand-washing;
  3. promote good hygiene around the use of tissues for sneezes and coughs;
  4. have enhanced cleaning procedures.

We will:

  • teach a broad and balanced curriculum, but the school day may look different to previous years;
  • stagger start and finish times, without shortening the number of teaching hours each pupil receives;
  • minimise the number of contacts each pupil has during the day, by putting year groups into "bubbles";
  • avoid assemblies with more than one bubble.

In the case of a coronavirus outbreak (defined as two or more confirmed cases within 14 days, or a rise in the number of children off with suspected Covid-19), we will work with the local health protection teams. In some cases, these teams may recommend that a larger number of pupils self-isolate at home as a precaution - for instance, the year group.

Where an outbreak in a school is confirmed, a mobile testing unit may be dispatched here. Testing will first focus on the infected person's class, followed by their year group, then the whole school if necessary.

However, government advice says that "whole school closure based on cases within the school will not generally be necessary, and should not be considered except on the advice of health protection teams".

If pupils can't come in, we have a home-working plan ready to go based on Google Classroom and the school website.

Please take time to look through the Risk Assessment. It is reasonable and perfectly understandable to have concerns, and we have sought to cover all eventualities with the measures we have put in place. We acknowledge that it will be a challenge for all of us, but this gives us the opportunity as a local community to support each other to minimise the risks of a resurgence of the virus. It is a working document that will change in response to the evolving situation.

In regards to face coverings, we are following the current government guidance for primary schools which does not recommend the use of them for pupils under 11 years old. Where necessary, school staff are able to wear face coverings, preferably clear visors which are better for communication.

We will endeavour to communicate as clearly as possible using Parentmail, the website and social media on a regular basis. If you have concerns, please email the school office.

Home School Agreement

As the school, we will: As parents & carers, we will: As pupils, we will:
  • keep our Risk Assessment under review
  • prepare the school site to receive pupils in the safest way we can
  • consider year groups as ‘bubbles’ that do not mix with other year groups
  • deliver a curriculum that supports the pupils in transition back to school
  • work tirelessly to support pupils to re-engage with school-based learning
  • establish safe entry and exit points to the classrooms
  • set out the classrooms so that the pupils are not face-to-face
  • establish safe movement in corridors
  • ensure that toilet areas are cleaned frequently
  • ensure that pupils do not mix with pupils in other year groups
  • avoid unnecessary sharing of equipment
  • ensure that handwashing facilities are readily available
  • ensure that there is good ventilation in the classrooms
  • clean the classrooms according to the COVID-19 guidance
  • train all our staff to observe social distancing from colleagues
  • communicate with parents & carers efficiently if we have any health concerns
  • prepare our children by reminding them of school’s expectations in regard to conduct
  • discuss how they can play safely with their peers
  • ensure that they are dressed in clean uniform and safe footwear
  • accept the government guidance that the wearing of PPE by pupils in school is not appropriate
  • limit the number of items our children bring to school
  • ensure that they arrive at school at the allocated time and place
  • maintain social distancing with other adults
  • leave the school site as promptly as possible and not gather in groups
  • avoid using the office by choosing to communicate by phone or email
  • inform the school immediately if our children display any symptoms
  • ensure that those who have coronavirus symptoms do not attend school

  • discuss with our parents & carers how we feel about returning to school
  • ask questions, if we do not understand the new systems
  • accept that school routines are different than before
  • try not to touch other pupils or staff
  • arrive at school at the allocated time and place
  • leave the school site promptly
  • wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds several times per day
  • catch it! bin it! kill it! when we sneeze or cough
  • stay in our allocated year group
  • not mix with pupils in other year groups
  • wear the correct uniform and footwear
  • not bring in any non-essential items from home
  • inform our parents & carers if we do not feel well