Meet the Early Years Teachers & Support Staff

Get to know the Early Years teachers and support staff with the videos below. Just scroll down to find your teacher and watch them read one of their favourite stories to you.

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Valence Primary School: Nursery


Mrs Guyatt & Mrs Geeves

Watch Mrs Guyatt & Mrs Geeves read Wake-Up Time on Bubble Farm.

Valence Primary School: Bonham Road Reception Welcome Videos

Bonham Reception: Jasper Class

Mrs Parker

Watch Mrs Parker read The Three Little Pigs.

Bonham Reception: Jet Class

 Mrs Lesurf

Watch Mrs Lesurf read The Magic Porridge Pot.

Valence Primary School: St. George's Road Reception Welcome Videos

St. George's Reception: Jet Class

Miss Livanaite

Watch Miss Livanaite read The Very Lazy Ladybird.

St. George's Reception: Jasper Class

Miss Morris

Watch Mis Morris read The Little Red Hen.

St. George's Reception: Support Staff

G Raynor & CTerris

Say hello to the St. George's Reception support staff.

Valence Primary School: Early Years Support Staff

Bonham Road

Ms Bishop

St. George's Road

Ms FetahuMs Kiff

Reading at Home

Helping Your Child to Become a Great Reader: Creating a love of reading in children is potentially one of the most powerful
ways of improving life chances. This helpful guide to Early Reading aims to support families on this exciting journey.