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Summer fun

The summer holidays are a well-deserved break for our children. Over the break, please encourage your children to spend a healthy amount of time with friends and family outside and away from screens. More information about balancing screen time with your child is available from the e-safety section of our school website.

Year 2 parents

Pupils in Reception, year one and year two are fortunate enough not to have to pay for school meals as the government has decided to cover that cost to the country. However, pupils in year three onwards have to pay for their school meal. The current cost is £2.20.

Polite reminders

Please refrain from smoking or vaping near the school gates as we strive to be good role models for all of our pupils. Also, please be mindful of our language and behaviour in the presence of children.

More awards for Valence

We are very excited to receive a GOLD certificate for our gardens on both sites. The children have so enjoyed planting, watering and caring for all the greenery. In addition, we have successfully renewed our Eco Award.


After the success of the cashless dinner money system, look out for further updates about the introduction of cashless trips and clubs from September.


A huge thank you to all those parents and carers who have helped out at the various school events, including the year 6 prom, handing out bagels (come rain and shine) and the summer fetes. We are always looking for volunteers, so please consider how you can help from September. You are all friends of Valence!


If you have good quality uniform or PE kit that you no longer need, please donate to the offices so that they can be distributed to those in need.


We are sadly saying our goodbyes to several members of staff who will be greatly missed:

  • Ms Skeat (teacher)
  • Ms Watkins (teacher)
  • Ms Bahra (teacher)
  • Ms Thorogood (teacher)
  • Ms Halliwell (SEND teacher)
  • Ms Sharma (supply teacher year 5)
  • Mr Pleasant (supply teacher year 5)
  • Ms Appleton (supply teacher year 3)
  • Ms Coppola (supply teacher year 1)
  • Ms Reddin (supply teacher year 1)
  • Ms Oliver (supply teacher year 1)
  • Ms Williamson (support staff)
  • Ms Vasani (support staff)
  • Ms Britten (support staff)
  • Ms Torresin (support staff)
  • Mr Sach (apprentice)
  • Ms Chapman (apprentice)

We are grateful for their dedicated service to the pupils of Valence and for the difference they have made in their lives. We are pleased that several members of our teaching staff will be returning to school in September after their maternity breaks. We are also taking on a number of new teachers who are very keen to join our Valence team.

Key events:

  • Wednesday 24th July 2pm End of the school year
  • Wednesday 4th September Pupils return to school

...and finally, we say farewell to our wonderful year 6 pupils and wish them all the best as they move on to Secondary school.

To everyone, have a safe and sunny summer holiday.

You can download our July Newsletter as a PDF below.