We have just held our Headteacher's Tea Parties for Summer 2019, catch up with who was invited and some pictures of the lucky guests. 

The Headteacher Tea Party is an opportunity to reward the pupils of Valence. Each class put forward two pupils based on behaviour, effort and attitude. The pupils are then invited to a Tea Party with the Headteacher where they get waited on with a fantastic tea party.


Megan, Millie, Romeesa, Teddy, Danielius, Brooklynn, Bilal, Fatma, Ikram, Lawlie, Konstantina, Moe, Omesh, Sehar, Victoria, Casey, Kwame, Maisie, Aayan, Selma, Austin, Joy, Lacie & Lukas. 

St. George's Lower

Chimaka, Kiyarni, Demi, Aaron, Fortune, Melissa, Nojus, Alfie, Chantel, Suhailah, Olivia, Hishem, Lidyene, Rayyan, Imogen, MAnraj, Andrea-Bianca & Oliver.

St. George's Upper

Mojola, Danial, Migle, Kacper, Pearl, Denisa, Ted, Laiba, Kyra, Nehan, Scarlet, Emily, Marie, Edona, Alex, John, Princilla, Jordan, Hannah, Mololuwa & Chloe.