Valence Nursery with Additional Resource Provision (NARP) is a provision for children with a range of needs including profound learning needs, complex social and communication needs, children who are on the autistic spectrum and children with physical disabilities. We are a 16 place nursery with 8 spaces in the morning and 8 in the afternoon. Children within the NARP have access to all that our mainstream nursery provides but we are sensitive to children’s individual needs and we will make the necessary modifications where appropriate. We are fortunate to have a range of additional resources to support specific educational programmes such as a soft room play area, specialist equipment, quiet work areas and a sensory room.

Children who come to the NARP are placed by the borough and are going through the Education, Health and Care Plan assessment process. We work closely with our parents to ensure that our children receive the best possible start to their education and support parents with the process of choosing their child’s next educational setting.

Our NARP was inspected by the Local authority Group Manager for Early Years and judged to be Outstanding.