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Indoor Athletics November 2019

Indoor Athletics Team

On Tuesday 5th November Valence travelled to the Sydney Russel school to take part in the first heat of the borough indoor athletics competition.

Children from year 5 and 6 could enter, and through trials and assessment, Valence P.E department picked what they hoped would be a strong team. Events were split into boys and girls and included: an obstacle race, long jump, triple jump, javelin throw, chest push and standing high jump, and lots of sprint relays.

Tyler threw the longest Javelin of the day with a whopping score of 19m. An extremely long jump by Desire and triple jump by Ralu, also gave us a huge score. The girls held their own in speed bounce, long jump and high jump. Out on the track, both boys and girls won nearly all their races with great speed.

After the scores had been counted and verified the results were given in reverse order. 8th, 7th, 6th 5th, 4th and 3rd went past without Valence being called out...

We knew we were either first or second. In second place, the announcer called Grafton! We began to celebrate as we knew we had won, what we didn’t know was that the lead was a huge 40 points clear!

There are 2 more heats to take place yet, but if Valence has the highest amount of points, then they represent the borough at the London Youth Games.

A great representation on the day in both ability and behaviour.

Well done to our Indoor Athletics Team, we are so proud. 

Indoor Athletics Team

Anji, Hannah, Talia, Oyin, Ayobami, Isabella, Sophia, Selina, Deborah, Ella, Darren, William, Ralu, Theordre, Jamal, Tyler, Luis, Tochi, Desire, Issac & Ollie.