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Child Flu Vaccination Janaury 2023

Children are at risk of suffering from flu, and the flu virus spreads easily especially amongst younger children in enclosed spaces like the classroom.

For children with existing health conditions there is a higher risk of serious illness that could lead to hospitalisation. As temperatures fall again in the coming weeks, getting vaccinated against flu gives your child that vital extra protection from this dangerous virus which spreads more easily in colder weather when we spend more time with friends and family indoors.

All primary school children (from Reception year up to Year 6) are eligible for a free flu nasal spray. The nasal spray is quick and painless, and most children will be able to get it at their school. If you have missed your child’s school vaccination, it’s not too late – you can still get a flu vaccine from your GP if your child has a long term health condition and is in the ‘at risk’ category or your local School Aged Immunisation Service as per the details below.

Visit or search ‘NHS child flu vaccine’ for more information.