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Tech-Kidz October Half Term Camp

Tech-Kidz October Half Term Camp

Tech-Kidz offers a safe, fun and secure environment for your children ages 5-11 to play, socialise and learn from 25th October - 29th October.

Console Gaming:

We currently have 20 Xbox consoles for children to play on safely and securely only allowing them to play appropriate games that we have installed.

Board Games:

We also have a variety of board games including classics such as Connect4, Snakes and Ladders, Pop-up Pirate and more for your children to use allowing them to play and socialise with other children.


Sometimes children will want a break from playing games whether it be from playing on the consoles or playing board games here is where your children can listen to some music, read a book or just relax and talk to their friends.


Helping them keep active! We also have a playground that will allow the children to have time to run around, burn off excess energy and play with the outdoor equipment provided.

Where are we?

Valence Primary, St Georges Road, Dagenham RM9 5JB.

How long does a session last?


How much is a session?

£15 per session

How do we book?