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Year 2 NiteOwls Visit

In Year 2 this half term our topic is 'Exploring Habitats'. Our focus in Literacy (also with cross-curricular links to Geography, Science and Art) is learning about owls and writing a 'Non-fiction Report on Owls'.

We are delighted to inform you that 'NiteOwls' will be visiting Valence Primary School on Friday 30th April. It will be a very exciting time for the children to learn about owls and see them up close to understand more about their habitats, diet, appearance and behaviours. The children will also have the opportunity to have individual photographs taken with the owls. You will then be able to view the proof a few days later and buy a copy of the photos if you wish to.

I'm sure that your children will really benefit from the experience of seeing live owls and will hopefully be able to share their extended knowledge with you at home.

If you have any questions, please speak to your child's Class Teacher, or send a message on Classdojo.