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School Calendar Revised 16th December (term dates)

We are all very aware of the fast-changing situation we are currently in. Schools in B&D have just been informed by Public Health England that all school staff are expected to be tested for COVID-19 before the school re-opens in January. This is a very sensible decision that will ensure the safety of the whole community.

Staff have been asked to take the test on Saturday 2 January, and results are expected quickly. However, in order to ensure that all the test results are received before the start of term, school will be closed on Monday 4 January and re-open on Tuesday 5 January. We have decided to move the non-pupil day from Friday 29 January to Monday 4 January to facilitate this.

We apologise for the late changes but the situation is fluid.

So, for January:

  • Monday 4 January: non-pupil day
  • Tuesday 5 January: school re-opens
  • Friday 15 January: non-pupil day
  • Friday 29 January: normal school day

Thank you once again.