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November 2020 Newsletter

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The wonder of reading

As expected, we place a very high value on pupils learning to read independently. It is one of the main responsibilities of schools. However, research shows that there are many benefits of adults (especially parents and carers) reading books to children all through their time at primary school. It encourages a child’s cognitive development, improves language skills and academic performance, and aids in emotional attachment. Babies can benefit from an early introduction to books, and even older children profit from continued parental involvement in reading. This is all good news, so why not pick up a book today and get lost in it together with your child? If you are not sure which book to read, you can ask your child for a suggestion or ask the class teacher on ClassDojo. Try to choose a book that interests them, and one that is at a level above what they can read independently.

New lunch menu

We are delighted to have launched our new lunch menu……why not give it a try? Look on our website for more information.

Remind me……

The school Risk Assessment is on the website. If you require more information, please call the office. A few clarifications: • the school will not be carrying out COVID tests on pupils as that is the responsibility of parents and carers;

pupils can bring in their own labelled sanitiser in a small container, if they can use it sensibly;

  • pupils are not permitted to wear masks in class but can wear one to and from school;
  • label all items of clothing so that pupils do not misplace their clothes;
  • pupils should bring in their own labelled water bottle.

Bagels, bagels, bagels

We are delighted to be able to give away free bagels to our families. Come to The Roost on each site and collect a few - Tuesday from 8.30am at St. George’s & Tuesday from 3.00pm at Bonham. Please bring your own carrier bag.

School dog

Our school dog, Ella, has been making a positive difference to pupils, staff and parents at our Bonham site. Please look out on Class Dojo School Stories for updates on Ella. Ella will also be paying visits to our St George’s site post-Covid.

Home time

Please arrive promptly to collect your child at home-time. The office only has a small amount of space to keep your child, and we need to adhere to year group bubbles.

School information

You will find current information and policies on our school website, which is updated regularly


A huge thank you to everyone who has willingly worn a face mask inside the school premises. If you are unable to wear a mask for health reasons, please wear an exemption badge or appropriate lanyard. This will indicate to staff without them having to ask you.

Children in Need

On Friday 13th November, we will be joining in with the national Children in Need day. Pupils can wear yellow and/or spotty clothing and contribute £1 towards the charity.

Consultation meetings

Due to the current restrictions, we will not be holding parent & carer consultation meetings in school this term. Don’t forget to use ClassDojo for any queries you have about your child’s learning. If you wish a telephone appointment with your child’s teacher, let the office know before 3pm Friday 13th November.

Maths online fun at home

A reminder to parents about using School Jam in Reception and KS1; Maths Flex in KS2. Details are on the school website. Children have also been participating in a Nationwide Maths Competition on Timetable Rockstars this week.

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