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Class teachers will be setting homework from next week, blending the knowledge we gained during lockdown in regard to remote learning with our Pick ‘n Mix approach, that we had in place previously.

Teachers will select a number of tasks for pupils to complete during a half-term (6/7 weeks long). The tasks will include maths, literacy, science and topic work. Daily reading, spelling practice and times tables learning is in addition.

For those pupils who can access Google Classroom at home on a suitable device, they are expected to upload a copy of their completed task so that the teacher can monitor it online. For those without suitable internet access or a suitable device, the work can be completed in the homework book and brought to school. The book will be left ‘in quarantine’ for a suitable time in accordance with our COVID-19 practice, which limits the equipment handled by staff and pupils, before it is monitored by the staff.

We will also be starting homework after-school clubs for pupils who do not have suitable access to the internet at home.

Homework for Nursery and Reception pupils will be communicated to parents & carers via Class Dojo.

Teachers will be spending time at school demonstrating how to use Google Classroom and ensuring that pupils are prepared to use it at home. This is also good preparation should a class or Year Group bubble have to self-isolate and the pupils have to undertake remote learning for a period of time.

A reminder that Google Classroom is best accessed on a device with a keyboard, such as a desktop PC or laptop. A tablet or iPad are also good, although a smart phone is more difficult to use due to the screen size.

If you have questions about your child’s learning, please use Class Dojo to communicate with your child’s teacher.