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September 2020 Newsletter

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Welcome back

A very warm welcome back to all our returning families and those who are joining us this term. We are delighted to re-open to all our pupils and trust that you are keeping well.

COVID-19 reminders

  • sadly, coronavirus cases are on the rise in all parts of the UK and, although we may be tiring of the restrictions, we must remain vigilant and continue to play our part in restricting its spread
  • if you or your child feel unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to school but inform the office, take a test and wait for the results
  • do not gather in groups in the playground and maintain the 1m+ distance when talking with others
  • come at your allocated start and finish times • wear a face covering, if possible.

School rules reminders

The school Risk Assessment is on the website. If you require more information, please call the office. A few clarifications:

  • the school will not be carrying out COVID tests on pupils as that is the responsibility of parents and carers;
  • pupils can bring in their own labelled sanitiser in a small container, if they can use it sensibly;
  • pupils are not permitted to wear masks in class but can wear one to and from school;
  • label all items of clothing so that pupils do not mix their clothes with others’;
  • pupils should bring in their own labelled water bottle.

Healthy school

We are continuing to work with families and pupils in the promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle. One area we have been recommended to follow by the Department of Health is the reduction of sugar in children’s diets. In the light of this, it is school policy to allow pupils to have only plain water with their packed lunches. Please do not send in smoothies, yoghurt drinks or squash. The school provides water for all pupils.

Celebrating effort, good behaviour and hard work

At Valence, we place a high value on developing children’s sense of worth and self-esteem. We love to celebrate both effort and achievement in academic and social settings. We have an approach where we support pupils to Go for Gold based on the following school rules:

  1. Listen to and co-operate with each other.
  2. Follow adults’ instructions.
  3. Treat everyone with politeness, kindness, courtesy and respect.
  4. Work to the best of our ability.
  5. Move safely and calmly around school.
  6. Respect our school environment.

Children who consistently follow the school rules, who set a positive example for others to follow and who demonstrate a positive attitude to others can achieve a GOLD reward.

Home learning

We are considering carefully how to best move forward with homework and home learning. During lockdown, we adapted to remote learning using Google Classroom for setting work and Class Dojo for communicating with parents & carers.

We also need to be prepared in case of a further lockdown to return to remote learning. We are therefore endeavouring to establish practices that can ensure that pupil learning will continue should this happen. We will be in touch in the coming days with more information about our plan for home learning.

Curriculum changes

We continue to teach a broad and balanced curriculum with a key focus on developing maths and literacy skills alongside science, history, geography, art, design and technology, and sport. We also deliver PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) lessons, which are designed to support pupils with their holistic development. We are currently focusing on Being Mindful and understanding better how to deal with our emotions.

Polite at all times

Whilst this continues to be a stressful time for all of us, please consider how we interact with each other. It is unacceptable to be verbally or physically aggressive with staff and such actions will not be tolerated. There are many adjustments which we are striving to get used to and the new routines can be awkward and inconvenient. Let us continue to work together constructively during this ongoing challenge.

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