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January 2020 Newsletter

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Spring term

A very warm welcome to 2020. We look forward to continuing our close work with all of our families.

Lost coats

All lost coats are placed in the boxes situated in the office areas. Other items are placed in the boxes in the playgrounds.

Dinner money

Thursday 13th February will be the last day that cash payments will be taken in the dining halls. We are encouraging everyone to use Parentmail for payments online. Parents will still be able to make payments in the school office every day.

Request for donations

If you have any good quality board games that your children no longer play, we would love to give them a home. They are particularly useful during wet playtimes. Drop them off at the office please.


  • No smoking by the school gates.
  • Once again, please do not park or stop across our neighbours’ driveways. It is inconsiderate and can prevent our neighbours from leaving for work. We have written to the council about this issue and have received a response stating that enforcement vehicles will attend more regularly.
  • As we are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, please do not send in boxes of sweets or chocolates for special occasions such as birthdays.

Story-writing competition

Radio 2's short story-writing competition for kids, in association with Oxford University Press, is now open.

Science fun

Pupils can get involved in bird-watching from 25th to 27th January.


We are delighted to see pupils in the correct uniform as it looks so smart and strengthens our sense of belonging. A reminder that we insist upon completely black shoes, with no coloured trims. Pupils will be changed into black PE plimsolls if they are wearing the wrong shoes.

Parent concerns

At times, there are incidents that arise between pupils and, naturally, parents are very eager to sort them out. Please report any concerns you have to a senior member of staff, as we have the opportunity to fully investigate and speak to everyone involved. This can be carried out discreetly and away from the open forum of the playground.

Celebrating effort, good behaviour and hard work

At Valence, we place a high value on developing children’s sense of worth and self-esteem. We love to celebrate both effort and achievement in academic and social settings. We have an approach where we support pupils to Go for Gold based on the following school rules:

  1. Listen to and co-operate with each other.
  2. Follow adults’ instructions.
  3. Treat everyone with politeness, kindness, courtesy and respect.
  4. Work to the best of our ability.
  5. Move safely and calmly around school.
  6. Respect our school environment.
  7. Come and help us

If you would like to volunteer at school, please give your name to the offices. It may be that you can help in class with your cooking, art, design or creative skills. Or, if you would like to hear pupils read, this is a great help to those children who need a little extra adult time.

Key events:

  • Friday 31st January Young Carers Awareness Day – wear something yellow
  • 12th – 13th February Parent & Teacher meetings
  • Thursday 13th February Last day of term
  • 14th – 21st February Half-term holiday 
  • Monday 24th February Spring 2 term starts

You can download our January 2020 Newsletter as a PDF below.