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Bow Arts Installation Openings

Our Bow Arts installations are now complete. On Thursday 21st November, pupils, staff and the Bow Arts team braved the cold for the official openings. 

All Year 5 children across both sites were involved in a project in collaboration with Bow Arts and the 'Make good team' focusing on how a space can make them feel as well as broadening question on how the playground makes them feel.  The children were encouraged to think about what qualities that design can introduce to a space to make and support people to feel calm/ make them more mindful. 

The children then planned and created diorama spaces using box templates and a range of craft materials, selected for colour and texture. Ideas were taken from this and the 'Make good team' worked hard to create the beautiful structures that we have in our garden. 

We would like to thank all the pupils and staff involved in making this project come to life as well as the Bow Arts and the fantastic 'Make Good Team'.