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November 2019 Newsletter

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The wonder of reading

As expected, we place a very high value on pupils learning to read independently. It is one of the main responsibilities of schools. However, research shows that there are many benefits of adults (especially parents and carers) reading books to children all through their time at primary school. It encourages a child’s cognitive development, improves language skills and academic performance, and aids in emotional attachment. Babies can benefit from an early introduction to books, and even older children profit from continued parental involvement in reading. This is all good news, so why not pick up a book today and get lost in it together with your child? If you are not sure which book to read, you can ask your child for a suggestion or talk with the class teacher. Try to choose a book that interests them and one that is at a level above what they can read independently.


At Valence, outdoor education is an essential part of our curriculum offer for pupils. Therefore, we currently have summer residential trips in year 5 (Bradwell, Essex) and year 6 (Trewern, Wales). Year 4 pupils have the opportunity for a long day of activities at Stubbers in Essex. We are now taking the £10 deposit for the year 4 trip to Stubbers in June 2020. Contact the office for further details.

Friends of Valence

This group is open to parents, carers and friends of Valence who are eager to support the school in a variety of creative ways, such as helping to organise a summer fete, arranging a Winter disco, helping in the libraries, suggesting fund-raising ideas, etc. You are welcome to hand in your name to the offices or attend one of the coffee and cake meetings.


Nursery parents can now apply online for a Reception place: details of how to apply can be found in the 'Starting School full-time 2020' guide that has been given to all parents. A duplicate can be obtained from the office if lost or mislaid.

All parents of children from Reception to Year 6 to complete and return the flu immunisation form by 14th November. The NHS will be here on 25th November to administer.

Pupil information

We acknowledge that certain information that we have to collect about pupils is sensitive, and we endeavour to handle such matters with due care. For example, it is beneficial for the school to know if pupils have been in the care of the local authority (e.g. through fostering) as this attracts additional funding.

In addition, parents who are in receipt of certain benefits can help the school by declaring this. The school will then, in turn, receive additional funds called Pupil Premium funding. We use this additional funding to employ extra staff to support our pupils and subsidise trips. Please talk to the offices if you have any questions about these matters, or if you wish to update our records.

Parent workshops

There are a number of exciting workshops on offer in order to equip our parents:

  • Let’s talk about social media!
  • Developing fine motor skills in young children
  • Parent gym (strengthening parenting skills)

If interested in attending any of the above, please enquire at the office.

Science is great!

Our scientist of the month is Thomas Edison, and our challenge is: “Why is the sky blue?”

Children in Need

Please donate cakes so that they can be sold on Friday 15th for Children in Need.


We will be organising a concert and afternoon tea for local Senior Citizens. Everybody loves a raffle, so please send in donations of quality prizes that we can share with them.

Come and help us

If you would like to volunteer at school, please give your name to the offices. It may be that you can help in class with your cooking, art, design or creative skills. Or, if you would like to hear pupils read, this is a great help to those children who need a little extra adult time.

Key events:

  • Wednesday 13th November No Pens Day
  • Friday 15th November Children in Need
  • Wednesday 20th November Governor Open Day
  • from 21st November Book Fairs 
  • 4th/5th December Winter Disco (years 3 – 6)

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