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School Council visits the House of Parliament

Members of the School Council had a wonderful visit to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 9th October. 

After a long journey, we enjoyed looking at the statues in Parliament Square while we had lunch. We then went through security before entering the Palace of Westminster. We enjoyed a brilliant tour, which included visits into both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. We found out how Parliament works and how laws are made. Although we didn't see Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, we did meet a real-life Lord, namely Lord Polack. 

We then went back to the Education Centre for a workshop to learn about the voting process. Four political parties were formed and manifestos drawn up. Members of each party put forward strong arguments for their manifestos.

Manifesto Masters (blue)

  • Create more wind farms for renewable energy
  • A complete ban on cigarettes

Labour Reds (red)

  • A complete ban on the sale of cigarettes
  • Give more benefits to families with children

"C" the Problems (yellow)

  • A complete ban on the sale of cigarettes
  • Build more homes for the homeless

Stysha Greens (green)

  • A complete ban on sales of cigarettes
  • All criminals to do community service in the place where they committed their crime

The outcome

Finally, a secret ballot was held and "C" the Problem formed a government. It was lots of fun and a great way of learning about the democratic process in our country.

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