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Ducklings update

As you may have heard from excited pupils our ducklings have finally hatched across both sites.

We receivedĀ ourĀ duck eggs from Wellgate Farm a few weeks ago. After keeping the eggs in an incubator we had four hatch at Bonham and two hatch at St. George's. The ducklings are Magpie Ducks (a rare breed) and despite durrently being black and yellow they will mature into black and white ducks.

The ducklings at St. Georges were named Chip & Jupiter whilst the Bonham ducklings are named Donald and Daisy so far. As you can imagine most of the school has fallen in love with the ducklings and they have had non-stop visitors since hatching. Now the end of term has come the ducklings will be heading back to Wellgate Farm where you are welcome to visit them.

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