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World Book Day Competition Winners

On World Book Day the children at Valence took part in a competition which involved them using their imagination to design their own book character. 

The winners and runner-ups received a book related prize and a certificate. Congratulations to all the winners, see below for a list of winners and runners-up across both sites.



Winner - Rochelle (Robins) 

Runner-up - Leigha  (Owls) 

Year 1 

Winner - Jasmine (Pearl class) 

Runner-up - Emina (Pearl class) 

Year 2 

Winner - Serena (Diamonds) 

Runner-up - Ellis (Diamonds) 

Year 3 

Winner- Victoria (Coral) 

Runner-up - Lucie  (Coral)  

Year 4 

Winner- Akhil (Amethyst) 

Runner-up - Harrison (Jade) 

Year 5 

Winner - Denitsa (Garnet) 

Runner-up - Louis Sparks (Garnet)

Year 6 

Winner - Simranjeet ( Amber) 

Runner-up - Mehrin ( Aqua)

St. George's 


Winner – Elise (Owls) 

Runner-up - Jaymin (Doves) 

Year 1 

Winner - Ava (Pearl class) 

Runner-up - Aiden (Quartz)

Year 2 

Winner - Temi  (Diamonds) 

Runner-up - Callum (Crystal) 

Year 3 

Winner -George Bird (Ruby)  

Runner-up - Rochelle (Ruby) 

Year 4 

Winner - Aurimas (Amethyst) 

Runner-up - Ralu (Jade) 

Year 5 

Winner - Connie (Tanzanite) 

Runner-up - Matilda (Jade)

Year 6

Winner- Simisola (Emerald Class) 

Runner-up - Alexandra (Aquamarine class)


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