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Science Week Inventions - Bonham

Science Week: Inventions Competition

Keep track of our Science Week Inventions Competitions by viewing the finalists' entries.

Task: Invent something that can be used in the future. It should make our lives better, safer or easier.


Bonham Invention Finalists

Breakfast in Bed

The Breakfast in Bed machine extends your Saturday morning lie-ins by bringing your kitchen to your bedroom! No more early alarm calls!

By Niamh Borg

Hand drawn design for an Breakfast maker

The Family Dry

Ever crammed your family under a miniscule 30inch canopy only to get wet yourself? Well not any longer, thanks to the Family Dry. It is an extendable umbrella which will comfortably shelter a family of four.

By Annie Enever

Hand drawn design for a family umbrella

Harmonizer Goggles

The Harmonizer will help the world to be a better place! When the user looks at a person, the Harmonizer glasses will judge the subject to be one of three things: kind, cruel or requiring improvement. Therefore allowing the user to live in peace!

By Micah Macarthy

Hand drawn design for a intelligent glasses.

Levitating Shoes

This will help your pet whilst you are at work. You can see the animal and you could speak with it. You can charge it and the wings These levitating shoes help people that cannot walk – they even fit amputees! The levitating fire turns blue when the speed is slow and change to red when they are set to fast.

By Holly Sinclair

Hand drawn design for hover shoes.

Dog Walking Robot

The Dog Walking Robot takes care of all your dog’s needs! It takes your prized pooch for a walk whenever needed and even picks up its poop!

By Amari Williams

Hand drawn design for a dog walker robot.

The Wellie Washer

The Wellie Washer is an electrical washing device that cleans your muddy boots. It does this with 1000 spinning brushes making your boots look new after a walk in the mud.

By Olly Ling

Hand drawn design for a wellington boot washer.

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