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Language of the Half Term - Yoruba

The language of the half term is Yoruba, we will be encouraging pupils to use simple Yoruba phrases and greetings throughout this half term.

Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa. The number of speakers of Yoruba is approaching 30 million. It is a language spoken principally in Benin and Nigeria, with communities in other parts of Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

See the commonly used words and phrases we will be encouraging staff and children to use below as well as a video of pupils translating some of these words and phrases for us.

  • Good morning! - Ek'aro
  • Good morning! - K'aro
  • Good afternoon! - Ek'asan
  • Good evening! - Ek'ale
  • Welcome! - Ek'abo
  • Hello my friend! - Bawoni 
  • I'm fine - Mowa dada
  • Thank you! - Ese
  • And you? (friendly) -  Iwo na nko
  • And you? (polite) - Eyin  nko
  • Good - Odara  or Dada
  • Not so good - O baje
  • Thank you (very much)! - Ese gan
  • Have a nice day! - Od'igba
  • Good night! - Od'aro
  • Good bye! - Od'abo

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