Themed Weeks

We really enjoy Themed Weeks at Valence, keep up to date with our themed weeks here...

Science Week

The theme for this year's British Science Week was 'exploration and discovery'. We held assemblies, demonstrations and lessons based on this theme. Children were encouraged to think about and investigate changes happening in the world around us, from seasons and climate to materials, energy and more.

We also ran our fantastic Junk Modelling & Inventions Competitions.

You can find out more on the British Science Week website

Science Week was great fun for all involved, pupils and teachers alike. The experiments varied from the attraction of coloured food, exploring different textures, the strength of different building materials and much more all leading up to our fantastic Science Boffin Assemblies. Take a look at what some of our pupils got up to in the pictures below.


Safer Internet Week

Safer Internet week was an enjoyable way to educate pupils on ways to safe whilst using the web. The week was a great success and the activities where enjoyable as well as having the benefit of promoting safe internet use and alerting pupils to the dangers of casually sharing personal information online.

The week was based on Safer Internet Day 'Be the change: unite for a better internet' which runs in February ( and provided pupils with lessons and assemblies aimed at promoting safe surfing habits. All classes got involved across both sites with lessons, activities and assemblies promoting the theme.



Great British Week

Great British week was a great success, we had a whole week of themed activities to teach all children about British values. As well as dressing up, singing, baking, picnicking and celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday pupils took time to discuss the core British values; The Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

Magistrate talk

At the start of the week Year 6 pupils got the opportunity to talk Mr Cliff Wright about his work as a Magistrate. He told the children about the process of becoming a Magistrate, what kind of work a magistrate does and the types of cases a magistrate deals with. The children enjoyed the question and answer session and staff were very proud of their thoughtful questions. Mr Wright was impressed with the children’s prior knowledge about the law and enjoyed talking about democracy, mutual tolerance and respect and the law.

Mr Cliff Wright

The Great British Bake Off

The pupils took the opportunity to get cooking. They got their oven mitts on and baked up a Great British favourite, shortbread biscuits.

The staff couldn’t resist getting in on all the fun of Great British Week too and many entered cakes into the Bake Off competition. The standard was really high from both sites but eventually, the winner had to be decided.

At Bonham the winner was Miss Livanaite with her Coffee Mascarpone Cake and at St. George's the winner was Mrs Snooks with her delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake. We would have had an overall winner but before the judges could get together to decide all the cake had been eaten!

Queens Birthday

We celebrated the Queens 90th Birthday in style with a picnic, a sing-song and with the pupils and staff dressing up in red, white and blue and bunting all around the school. It was a great day and despite the Great British Weather we managed to get outside for the picnic and sing-song. The sing-song was especially enjoyable with popular hits from British artists over the years echoing across the playground.

British Art

We spent a lot of time this week being creative whether this was making Union Jack flags or being inspired by the likes of Turner, Hockney, Hirst or Banksy. Here is some of the work we produced over the week.

British Politics, History and Great Britons

All week the pupils at Valence have been learning about British Values (The Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance) as well as prominent figures in British History in politics, law, art and popular culture.

Our Favourite Briton

Mixing the themes of democracy and Great Britain we held a vote amongst the pupils to find out who they thought was our Greatest Briton. The nominees could be drawn from all walks of life throughout British History so we had a line-up of Kings and Queens, musicians, sports stars, politicians, artists, musicians, scientists and inventors represented by pupils and all vying for the coveted title of ‘Our greatest Briton’.

Each site ran their own ballot with different Britons, the results are below...

Bonham Greatest Briton Ballot:

  • Stephen Hawking - 72
  • George VI - 68
  • Winston Churchill - 53
  • Freddie Mercury - 51
  • Elton John - 49
  • Tim Berners Lee - 47
  • Amir Khan - 44

Stephen Hawking came out as the Greatest Briton for Bonham just pipping George VI to the top spot.

St Georges Greatest Briton Ballot:

  • King George II - 32
  • Brian May - 39
  • Sam Smith - 97
  • Issac Newton - 68
  • Winston Churchill - 3
  • Tim Bernes Lee - 71
  • Jessica Ennis-Hills - 132

Jessica Ennis-Hills romped home to an easy victory just like she did at the Olympics for the win as St Georges Greatest Briton.

Stephen Hawking and Jessica Ennis-Hills

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